Joy is my Redemption

I have been working on an upcoming post about the power of joy in a spiritual path.

In the meantime, I am moved to comment about a blessing I’ve received that is kind of a saving grace.

Joy is how you invite God (TFB) to “enter.” You get joy from God, but joy is also a means to invite God “in.” Ultimately, God is energy (God is Truth, Force, Being- explanation in other posts), and the energy you channel, the vibration you give off, will cause a corollary vibration from the universe (and God; or from God, through the universe), so that ultimately, if you generate joy, you are inviting joy via this energetic-vibration reverberation.

I can get angry pretty easy. Very angry. I can also be serious to the point of brooding. When praying tonight, using the yejing (IChing) I was reminded of the lesson in #10, which is in part, that joy is how you invite God in. Joy is significant. Like everything else, it’s not this simple; the Truth is almost always nuanced. However, it is a wonderful blessing to be reminded that joy is an important part of spiritual growth. (Joy is also a result of spiritual growth.)

Please look for an upcoming post, which will give joy a more complete treatment. Thank God for joy.

About J.A.P.

intending to live a life free of regret, learn the Truth/truth and align with it. focused on spiritual development and having fun. maybe something i have to say here will help you on your path of growth and living in peace and joy.
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