“what is the meaning of life?”

This question has been floating around since I can remember, and likely a lot longer. I have always found it a silly, kind-of vague question, but it seems to capture a popular sentiment regarding existential and metaphysical issues surrounding life. I have wondered why we live, which seems to me to be the same question. When I first posed the question, I asked myself “why am I here?” Now I realize I am not “here,” it merely seems to me that I am here. In fact, I merely manifest in this EW (external world= everything from the skin-out) context. The metaphysical or spiritual reality is the only one that’s True. I know, the EW is an illusion, a hologram possibly, but ultimately its merely information in my heart-mind. (The original “Matrix” movie offers an excellent overview of what the EW really is.)

Anyway, I have wondered why I manifest in the EW and thought it might be worthwhile to share my conclusion on this blog. It seems TFB (TFB= God, or what I call truth/force/being, as the creator/sustainor is a truth you can learn about mentally, a being you can relate to emotionally, and force, you cannot avoid) would not create and sustain this universe or multiverse or EW and all the myriad realities therein, including life-realities like homo-sapiens, without having a reason. TFB wouldn’t do something without a reason. This is my assumption as it would be illogical for TFB to act irrationally or randomly.

So what could that reason be? Specifically, why me? Why humans at all? I believe it’s due to TFB wanting to enjoy being understood and appreciated. This seems to be all a homo-sapien could do for TFB; reflect TFB’s image back to TFB. This is done when we channel (+) (positive energy; as opposed to (-) or, negative energy. (+) is creative/nurturing and (-) is destructive.This takes the place of good and bad, which don’t exist, but that is the subject of another post.) When we channel (+), which is all we can do as egos; choose to channel (+) or (-) energy, we are like a little mirror that reflects TFB’s energy back. Lot’s of these little mirrors acting in unison presents to TFB an image of itself that I believe TFB finds pleasant and enjoyable. I can’t imagine anything else we could do for TFB or any other reason TFB would create and sustain us.

To make the question more personal to us, or to consider the question from our perspective, we are here to learn to channel (+); to realize the divine within ‘ourselves’ (I wouldn’t say “ourselves,” I would say “ourbeings” as this is more accurate. Self is a specific quality and being contains self. This is the subject of another post.); to learn and to enjoy. Manifesting in space-time is an opportunity for tremendous growth. It’s powerful alchemy. Space-time, the universe, or EW is a stage that allows us to behave; to feel pleasure and pain. These are the basics which allow for us to grow. This is a tremendous opportunity. This is why we are “here.”

Each of us at the selfish level (self= spirit, what others would call soul, but I say self as it implies a uniqueness, which I believe is true.) is a slice of TFB, the part of us that was “created in God’s image.” Selfishly, (selfish= of-the-self; it doesn’t mean someone who doesn’t share) we are perfect, its the ego that is capable of (-). However, being part ego gives us the chance to turn away from TFB and channel (-), or turn towards TFB and channel (+). If we had no choice or lacked the ability to chose, there would be no meaning or significance to our lives. Why would TFB create a bunch of automotans or robots? It makes no sense. TFB gave us free will or choice and this, which is a function of ego, is what makes growth possible and even necessary. So, we have egos, or ARE egos, and this allows us to relate to ourselves and to the world around us in a very poignant way. We can channel (+) or (-) energy; we can ‘love or hate.’ (Love and hate are not opposites unless you’re considering romantic love versus hate; agape love is not a passionate emotion like hate; this is the subject of another post.) Whatever we do at the ego level, it all falls into 2 categories and comes down to 1 of 2 actions; channeling (+) or (-). When we channel, (+), we express it out into the EW and in into the IW (IW= internal world, or loosely, everything inside the skin). Therefore we feel it inside as well as make it felt, outside. Ultimately, our path leads to outgrowing the EW completely and all the realities therein and to outgrowing our ego and being enlightened. Then, we may become immortal (in the Taoist sense) or I believe Christ spoke of this as “everlasting life.” The vast majority of us, and anyone reading this, is intending for enlightenment, or isn’t awakened yet, or somewhere in between.

So the meaning of life, or the reason why we “are here” is to embody in the EW, the divine within us and ultimately, without us. We “are here” to be a mirror for God (TFB) to look at “himself.” This pleases God. On an individual level, we “are here” to learn and grow, to enjoy life and learn from it. To realize the Truth; to awaken and enlighten and immortalize ourselves as the divine beings we ultimately are.

I hope some of this makes sense. I realize there are many ideas and terms introduced here that need to be defined more. At some point I need to stop doing these posts on my blackberry and take the editing seriously. Thanks for reading.

About J.A.P.

intending to live a life free of regret, learn the Truth/truth and align with it. focused on spiritual development and having fun. maybe something i have to say here will help you on your path of growth and living in peace and joy.
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