Jesus and the magician

What’s the difference between Jesus and a magician? Probably obvious right?! The magician uses tricks and guile whereas Jesus actually did the thing. The magician turned water into wine by some type of sleight of hand or misdirection, while Christ actually changed the actual water into actual wine.

Why is this? How was Christ able to do that? Did Christ “get everything he wanted out if life?” Did he “realize his dreams” or “Create the reality he wanted?” Did he even have any dreams? Was he “happy?” Did he use “The Secret” to bring all that he wanted into his life? Was there anything he wanted?

His life was a sacrifice that he did out of love. I’m not advocating we all make that sacrifice. I’m saying think about how Christ felt inside…. What was his life experience like? I won’t go into the happiness discussion too much because that’s the subject of another post, but I will say he was not happy. (happiness is a very silly illusion- look for my post)But I GUARANTEE you he was OVERFLOWING with JOY and UTTERLY AT PEACE.

There are a lot of “spiritual” people offering advice on how to live and how to be happy. Ask yourself, “What’s their spiritual background?” “What’s their religion?” “How can I trust what they are saying?” You can and should do what you feel is best, but I am advising caution. Before you try and “get everything you want out of life” or “be happy” or whatever, ask yourself WHY YOU’RE “HERE.” If you think about it for a while and you feel you’re here to be happy, then by all means go for it, but I’m telling you that you’ll be disappointed eventually, either in this life or beyond. Life has a purpose and that is to understand and appreciate God or Truth. That’s why we exist. That’s the only reason it makes sense for us to be part ego. That’s why we ate the apple and became conscious (of our nakedness). Because we are ego or separate from God/Truth, and therefore we can understand and appreciate God/Truth. Before we ate the apple we were in the garden of Eden, but we didn’t appreciate how precious and beautiful it was. We were like many other animals, not bad, in fact very precious just like the other flora and fauna in the garden, but nonetheless, we were UNAWARE of how special the garden was because we never KNEW any different. When we became conscious after eating the apple, we began to have a discriminating ego-mind and then we began experiencing opposites. Then suffering and joy became possible. Then romantic love and hate became possible. Then feeling separate-from God or connected-to God became possible. (see my forthcoming post about law #4)

Why else would God make us? If God is all that exists, why would God act or DO anything? If God is beyond space and time, what context is there to act or behave anyway? I’ve gotten off track, but we are here to fulfill the only thing we can for God, which is to understand and appreciate God. To be a mirror for God. What else could we do for God? God splits itself infinitely into small pieces called human beings that are like little mirrors reflecting God’s image. We do this by turning within and towards God and learning about Truth and aligning ourselves accordingly.

It is impossible really to know for sure why we are here, I can only tell you why I believe we are here and tell you why that makes sense to me. The point is you should ask yourself the question. We are not here to just “be happy” or to “have everything we want.” If you let a child have everything he wants, he’ll be on a sugar high and then low soon enough. Ultimately, he may learn not to eat so much candy and that IS how we all learn (if we are paying attention), but having everything you want is not a spiritually satisfying life. You will learn that by trial and error too (if you are paying attention) or you can think about what I’m saying and see how it resonates. Be careful what messages you follow. Christ didn’t “get everything he wanted out of life” because HE HAD NO WANTS!!! He was UTTERLY AT PEACE. Filled with the holy spirit or God’s positive energy, however you choose to word it. The point is that “spiritual” disciplines that only advocate the advantages of life on earth are empty. Life on earth is an opportunity for joy and an opportunity to learn. Its a stage with very powerful alchemy. If all you do is try and enjoy life, you will be missing half the reason you’re here and you will most certainly be back only next time only probably under different circumstances. More than likely you won’t enjoy it anyway as the harder you “try” and “be happy” the more elusive it becomes. (ever “try” and fall asleep before a “big day” tomorrow?) Struggling is part of life. If you are not struggling at all, what are you learning? People who advocate how happy you can be or how wonderful your life can be without discussing the work of life (spiritual growth) are probably trying to sell you something. That kind of path is only sustainable if you constantly fill yourself with those messages and push them on others.

Please check for my forthcoming post on happiness, (two posts: “happiness,” and “happiness and thriving.”) which will explain further. Life is what you make it. Certainly there is electric (active male doing achieving) energy and magnetic (passive female receiving attracting) energy and certainly part of life is about joy and creating satisfying and gratifying outcomes for yourself and others either by achieving them or attracting them. But there is a substantial amount of work to be done. Learning about Truth and aligning yourself accordingly. The gift God gives you for doing the work is an inner peace and joy that has nothing to do with what goes on outside your body in the world. God doesn’t give you everything you want in return or even encourage you to want things. In fact, desiring is suffering. Peace is being completely self-contained as far as the world goes.

Your growth will occur over your life and over lifetimes. It is a process. Enlightenment is a new beginning. Only when there is nothing in life that holds meaning do you know you are actually getting close. Check out the above post, “the tao of skate,” the analogy of Christmas.

Be careful who you listen to. Be careful and skeptical about me too!!! What’s my agenda? Always ask yourself that. Do I have anything true to say? Are you listening to someone channeling Jesus? Or are you listening to a magician….

About J.A.P.

intending to live a life free of regret, learn the Truth/truth and align with it. focused on spiritual development and having fun. maybe something i have to say here will help you on your path of growth and living in peace and joy.
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