Book Summary 1

This is my first post where I begin summarizing my forthcomming book about human life and non-physical growth.

This book is my life’s work and an enormous project and yet its just a book.

2 of several basic premises:
1- human beings are a brand new phenomenon on the earth (or in the universe). This idea came from Robert Ornstein’s “The Evolution of Consciousness.” homo sapiens, sapiens is about 45 thousand years old. Most of the flora and fauna you see have been around for a million years and some for hundreds of millions. The earth is 4.5 billion years old and the universe is over 13 billions years old. Humans are brand new in comparison. We are a “flash in the pan.” This is significant because

2- we have distinct egos that are made up of awareness and will. Although many species exhibit signs of being conscious, and consciousness is difficult to discreetly distinguish as it exists on a continuum, and although some day soon it may be discovered that other species such as Dolphins and other whales share a very similar to, if not even more advanced consciousness than ours, human beings seem to be alone in our ability to relate to ourselves so poignantly and manipulate our environment. Our consciousness involves an ego that is quite separate and distinct. This is a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing cause it gives us a very rich life experience, but it’s a curse because until we learn how to use it, it can be supremely negative and destructive. I believe God or what I refer to as TFB (truth force being; subject of another post) knew Adam and Eve would eat the apple and counted on it. Who else but a dualistic mind or one that has become enlightened and transcended the dualistic mind could appreciate all of creation!?! And what use is creation if no one is there to appreciate it?


About J.A.P.

intending to live a life free of regret, learn the Truth/truth and align with it. focused on spiritual development and having fun. maybe something i have to say here will help you on your path of growth and living in peace and joy.
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