Ha! Who do I think I am waxing about “relationships” as a blog post…. Crazy.

This is what I have learned about them recently. It may not apply to you because we all have different specific challenges. But one thing’s for sure. A very quick path to humiliation and growth if you can stomach it is a real, intimate relationship.

1-Springsteen said in “Tunnel of Love,” “…you’ve got to learn to live with what you can’t rise above if you want to ride into the tunnel of love.” I get indignant and angry when relationships get messy. I don’t like getting emotional, and I don’t like drama. Yet relationships are messy. There’s no avoiding that unless you are Ghandi or something. I also read “women reduce us all to our lowest common denominator.” can’t remember who said that. Very astute. You’ve got to be committed to working through things until you know in your heart it just won’t work or if you’re blessed, it does work.

2-my emotions are like a volcano. They are so strong. Not everyone has this. It’s in my natal chart. I can’t change gears all the time real fast.

3-This is my most difficult lesson and it applies to life as well. I constantly try and drive things to closure one way or the other. After 8 years of working pretty intensely with the iching and getting seriously beat up, I still haven’t learned. I have a hard time letting things dangle and be open-ended. But this is how life is. Most of the time you’re discovering. Only in brief intervals do you know and possess the discovery.

Lastly, and this does apply to everyone; it’s of utmost import that you find someone you’re compatible with and with whom you have chemistry and fun. If you’re not compatible, it doesn’t matter how hard you work. And both parties need to be willing to listen and work at it. I think love is a blessing for the lover as much as it is for the beloved.


About J.A.P.

intending to live a life free of regret, learn the Truth/truth and align with it. focused on spiritual development and having fun. maybe something i have to say here will help you on your path of growth and living in peace and joy.
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